Is your team achieving its goals?
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The times we live in are favorable to those who are courageous and ready to explore unconventional solutions. Anyone of us can have an infinite number of plans for their business, but a vision is not enough to drive success; it is necessary to find the means to turn your goals into reality.

My name is Mark W. Anderson and I want your business to reach its full potential. I have been in the Czech Republic since 2002 working on various marketing and communication projects. In today’s highly competitive and fast-changing market it is crucial to take an aggressive approach to marketing your business. My experience and creative enthusiasm are an excellent compliment to any marketing team; my ‘can-do’ attitude and realistic approach can help you implement any of your daring goals.

I was born in Boston, MA, USA in 1979. In 2002 I graduated with a B.A in Communications & Media Studies from the Catholic University of America and subsequently relocated to the Czech Republic to study Czech culture and history at the Anglo-American College Prague. My years in the Czech market have yielded experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors through companies of various sizes and industries. I have created a wide contact network and maintain successful cooperation with several major clients.